World Fairtrade Challenge on May 13, 14 and 15th

If you think your morning coffee will just keep coming out of that pack, then just cherish every sip you can. Climate Change is muddying the brown perceptions o… Read more

Sea Shepherd….We Salute You!

Jasper Coffee launched into the Anti- Whaling Campaign of Sea Shepherd in 2010.Their courageous efforts have been to take on the Japanese illegal Whaling Fleet … Read more

Jasper Coffee was the first Roasting Company to install a Loring in Australia

Bright and early this wet and blowy normal Melbourne morning, we hosted a Workshop on how to touch and feel a Loring Smartroaster. This is part of MICE and… Read more

The Brazil Boys

Yesterday morning we had the Brazilian buzz at the Roastery. We had a special visit from the Brazil Exporters, COMEXIM, who supply us with our wonderful Sant… Read more


YORTA YORTA with RED DUST THE COFFEE Around the World in Fairtrade Communities, coffee supports economic sustainability for these Communities. The very essen… Read more

Red Dust the Launch

RED DUST…the Coffee #reddustthecoffee Red Dust Healing #reddusthealing  In early 2014, Outback Academy approached Jasper Coffee to p… Read more