Carbon Neutral status - B CORP MONTH

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Your daily cup of coffee might just be costing you more than you think. Research from the Carbon Reduction Institute shows each latté consumed has the same environmental impact as leaving your 60-watt bathroom light globe on for 3 hours. Times that by 2 lattés a day, 5 times a week and over a year you just left that light globe on for 2 months. Every cup of coffee has a carbon footprint. By becoming a 100% Carbon Neutral Coffee Company back in 2009, Jasper Coffee is leading the way in creating a sustainable future. It means you can now enjoy your coffee with a conscience. To find out more about the program we directly support to offset our carbon, follow the link https://www.goldstandard.org/projects/qori-q’oncha-improved-cookstoves-diffusion-programme-peru